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Friday, June 10th, 2011 10:47 AM

Summer in My Mind

Had a great time in Bealeton, VA Wednesday! The 4th graders brainstormed some truly fantastic ideas.

I think they definitely had summer on their mind as they wrote this one (their summer break starts today!)

I believe this was my last workshop for the 2010-11 school year. But we'll have more coming in September.

Rock on!

Click here to hear the song, 'Summer in My Mind!'



Summer vacation is a day in the waves
Swimming with the tide
I'm feeling so hot and so cold at the same time
These are the best days of our lives

It's like having summer in your mind
I wish I had it up there all the time
Can't you feel that summer in your mind
I just gotta shout it out
2-3-4 Yay!!!
Monday, May 23rd, 2011 8:43 PM

Baseball is my Disney World

Had a great time today with the kids in Mt. Pleasant, TN. They helped me test out a new 'video conferencing workshop' we're going to start offering this fall. They did some great work and helped us out a lot.

I love their metaphor:: Baseball is my Disney World!!

Hope you enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed making it!

Click here to hear the song, 'Baseball is my Disney World!'


Baseball is my Disneyworld
It's how I get away
When I it that home run really high
It's my favorite thing to play

When I make the play
The crowd they yell hooray

So give me all that money now
I just homerun number 45
So when I hit the pitcher in the eye
And I gotta say the crowd was so surprised
Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 10:24 PM

Blabbermouth Dragon

Had an amazing time yesterday in Johnsville & Iberia, OH. Got to visit two schools in one day. Double the pleasure!! LOL

Then we did an evening workshop and the kids got to bring their parents out. That was super cool. Seeing parents working with their kids to brainstorm and get some ideas down on paper. I loved it!

And they wrote a fun song about a silly dragon. Hope you like it!

Click here to hear the song, 'The Blabbermouth Dragon!'



A blabbermouth dragon
Talks too much
He´s so annoying
He talks every hour
Even in his sleep
He talks about playing games

I wonder Will he ever quit talking
I wonder will he ever quit talking

I lead him deep
into the woods
And give him an apple
He starts chomping
He´s not talking
I´m happy as a clam
Thursday, April 21st, 2011 11:18 AM

Thanks to Target!!

Thanks to the Target Foundation for making my day in Seattle possible! What a whirlwind trip. I landed in Seattle at 10pm Monday night and my plane lifted off at 11p the next night for my trip home.

But everything went great. I was able to borrow a sound system from my friends 'Recess Monkey' up in Seattle. So after picking up the sound, I drove out to Port Orchard, WA for the day's gigs at Sunnyslope Elementary. And let me tell you, it was quite a day!

The teachers were all super cool and the kids were so enthusiastic. The volunteers I brought onstage were crazy wild (Thank you Corey & Arwen) and the shows were intense.

But the workshop (with the 4th grade) was beyond the creme de la creme. They blew it out the roof! Check it out. I think you'll agree. Ever wanted to be famous? Might want to hear this song first...

Click here to hear the song, 'I Feel Invaded!'



Becoming Famous
Is like eating ice cream
You think it's sweet but the brain freeze hurts

I get so nervous
In those stagelights
There is nothing worse

I feel Invaded
The Paparazzi creep inside (3 X's)

I am a picture
In a museum
Everybody wants to see

Every life it
holds a treasure
Fame is not the key

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